How much is budgeted to construct this project?
Answer: This project is in a planning phase, so there isn’t any money budgeted for construction at this time. We completed a re-evaluation of the 1990 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for improvements to Kahekili Highway in 2013, and determined new environmental documentation needs to be developed to determine what alternatives will be considered for future Kahekili Highway improvements.

Where are we in the project process?
Answer: Based on the EIS Re-Evaluation, HDOT has decided to move forward with preparation of environmental documents for Task 1: Kahekili Highway Improvements, Ha‘ikū Road and Kamehameha Highway. We are at the initial stages of this task, and we anticipate it to be completed by mid 2016. Hopefully design can start shortly thereafter.

If there isn’t any money budgeted, why does this project show up in the Oahu Regional Transportation Plan (ORTP) for 2035?

Answer: The ORTP 2035 guides the development of transportation on our island through the year 2035. The projects included in this document are broken up into two groups: Mid-Range Projects from 2011 to 2020 and Long Range Projects from 2021 to 2035. While Kahekili Highway is listed as a widening project in the Long Range Project Section that does not mean this is necessarily what will happen. The ORTP is updated every five years as required by law.

How can I give input if I missed the Community Workshop and Community Charette?
Answer: A Public Informational Meeting for the proposed Kahekili Highway Improvement Alternatives was held on September 2nd, 2015.  If you weren’t be able to attend and would like to provide your thoughts regarding proposed Kahekili Highway improvements, please send an email to Kahekili@ssfm.com. Your email will be automatically forwarded to the HDOT Project Manager and members of the project team, or you can simply call or send us a letter. We want as much input as possible to this project, and your comments and questions are always welcomed.


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